"I have had the privilege of being a part of multiple outdoor adventure trips that Pam has planned and led.  Pam's knowledge, her passion for people, and her love of the outdoors are evident on every trip.  Each trip has brought a unique experience that I will never forget.  Every trip I have experienced with Pam has challenged me physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I would highly recommend Pam as a guide for those individuals looking for a new outdoor adventure in this journey we call life."
Justin Flint
"My wife and I have experienced three hikes together on the Appalachian Trail guided by Pam.  The first time we went I was very nervous about hiking.  What to bring, how to pack, how to hike, what to eat, and safety.  Pam was outstanding! She was in command of what needed to be done...ahead of time and during the hike.  Pam is a great leader and we had a wonderful time on the trail. We look forward to more time on the A.T. in the future."

Dean Kirschner 
"When I think of hiking on the trail with Pam...I just smile.  She is a person that is easy to be with and there are always good laughs and conversation.  Because she is an organized person, the hikes go smoothly.  Pam does her research ahead of time, so you now what kind of trail and conditions to expect on each segment.  I started hiking with Pam in 2004 and have never been disappointed!  Each experience had enough excitement and variety to keep me coming back for one or two hikes each year."
Barb Kirschner

" I had the opportunity to hike the Appalachian Trail for a four day trip with four other women.    It was not a trip but a true adventure.  As this was our first hike, we turned to Pam for advice. Pam is exceptional in her ability to plan out a trip; telling us what personal items we would need as well as the best hiking equipment to use without being overloaded.  She even included a fabulous menu for the hike.  The trail guide was made individually for our trip telling us what to expect as far as terrain, where to camp each  night and special features on the trail
This was an opportunity of a lifetime and not a trip I would have ventured into without the expertise of an experienced guide. Pam has not only great communication skills but an obvious love of the trial.

Gayle Mancini
"I convinced my husband to accompany me on another hike led by Pam.  My husband is not an outdoorsman, but I knew he would find the trip pleasurable and the views breathtaking.  Pam suggested a location for day hikes with stays at bed and breakfasts along the way.  Pam exceeded our expectation with her ability to plan and guide us on the trails, advise us in selecting gear, inform us of what to expect along the way, and ease my husband's anxiety about the trip.  The fall colors were fabulous and the stays at the bed and breakfasts were very enjoyable.  We look forward to our next trip!  Thank you, Pam, for sharing your love of the trail with us."
Gayle Mancini