Change Readiness Speaker

Pam helps audiences and Fortune 500 leaders develop a change-readiness mindset to improve performance, reduce turnover, and make change stick.

Forward-Thinking • Attention-Grabbing • Game-Changing


“Pam was informative, professional, and full of powerful takeaways that will help our staff bring their best selves to work each and every day.”

The Home Depot


Pam breaks through barriers with tangible tools and a fresh approach…taking organizations from ordinary to extraordinary.

70% of all change initiatives fail.

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Change Failure

Change is happening. Organizations are being left behind by their people. Pam helps employees break through change anxiety improving their focus, energy, and performance for the long-term.

Low Morale

Pam will supercharge employees mentally, emotionally, & physically. Employees are happier and healthier and move forward with a change-ready mindset.

High Turnover

Now more than ever we’re in a time of change and uncertainty. Pam uses effective tools and proven strategies to help organizations retain and attract top talent for a high-performance change culture.

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Atlantic Capital Bank

Pam Lasier

Pam Lasier

“Pam’s presentation was thought provoking, upbeat, and motivating. I can confidently say she captivated our audience! All feedback was extremely positive. I would absolutely recommend Pam for anyone wanting a forward-thinking, content-rich, motivational keynote or workshop speaker.”

Shannon R. Morrison, SVP, Director of Risk Analytics, Atlantic Capital Bank

Michelle Livingstone, Pam Lasier

Michelle Livingstone, Pam Lasier

The Home Depot

“Pam hit all the right notes with a perfect blend of charm, wisdom, and humor. Her presentation was informative, professional, and full of powerful takeaways that will help our staff bring their best selves to work each and every day. It was a real pleasure to work with such a down-to-earth and energetic speaker. And to top it off, her willingness to customize her content made the process both easy and inviting. I look forward to working with her again!”

Michelle D. Livingstone, Vice President, Transportation The Home Depot

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Straightforward & Undemanding

Pam does not disappoint. She ensures that you receive the highest level of service from the initial inquiry through the event and beyond. You will have everything your need before you even ask for it. Pam’s goal is not to impress you but to impress upon you.

Fresh Approach

Pam’s speaking style is always original. She blends content, inspiration, and humor and delivers it in a down-to-earth manner that is relaxed, friendly, and always engaging.

Entertaining & Outcome Driven

Some speakers are all style and no substance. As a master storyteller, Pam involves audiences from start to finish. She’s bursting with provoking, purposeful, and powerful stories full of essential and relevant messages.


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