Up Close and Personal

  • In 3 words I am eclectic, introspective, passionate
  • I believe in becoming the best version of myself/one's self.
  • I am sincere.
  • A Saturday well spent is a barefoot free-run through unexplored Nature.
  • Choice color: I appreciate them all!
  • I love living in deep gratitude of the simple pleasures of life.
  • I don't have a preference over sunrise or sunset; they are equally beautiful to my eyes.
  • Must read: "Naked Warrior" ~ Pavel Tsatsouline
  • Favorite quote:  "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend." ~ Abraham Lincoln

Contact Information:  Zac@ThriveBeyondFitness.com

To fully appreciate Zac's passion for fitness, one must understand his personal journey. Sixteen years ago at 6'2" and an unhealthy 120 pounds, Zac Potter made a conscious decision to change his life. In the next two years he gained 60 pounds of lean muscle mass through smart, consistent hard work. Later, he started making unhealthy decisions again, ending up a flabby 210 pounds. With determination, regular exercise and a healthy diet, he has dropped today to a competitive 5.5% body fat.

Now encompassing over a decade of experience in personal training and group coaching, Zac Potter, a multi-accredited strength and movement coach encourages and celebrates his clients. He guides them to become the strongest possible version of themselves in all areas of fitness. Whether training a client without full limbs to increase mobility or training a professional basketball player to increase speed, endurance and vertical jump, Zac motivates his clients to achieve lofty personal goals.  He is recognized for taking individuals from novice to advanced technical mastery in a variety of arenas including:  Kettle bell, running, and rope jumping techniques, advanced gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and strength training. 


  • Personal Training - ACE (American Council On Exercise)
  • USA Track and Field Coach Level 1
  • USA Recreational Gymnastic Instructor
  • Cross Fit Coach Level 1