Up Close and Personal

  • In 3 words I am honest, passionate and loyal.
  • I believe in paying it forward.
  • I am
  • To me, a Saturday well spent is starting my morning nice and SLOW... and time with my family.
  • Choice color: pink
  • I love
  • Sunrise over sunset.
  • Favorite book: "The President's Devotional" ~ Joshua DuBois
  • Favorite mantra:  


Wendy Roberts, owner, founder and Chief Experience Officer of GFs (Girlfriends Empower Women), an organization that supports and encourages women with the daily challenges of marriage, family and self-discovery with very intimate, non-threatening, positive discussion.  It's a "Girls Night In" that builds an everlasting sisterhood with women who prior to walking through the door were complete strangers.

Fiercely loyal, creative, innovative, and intensely dedicated to making sure every woman who attends her GF's experience walks away totally fulfilled about the forthcoming blessings and promises that their respective future contain.

Wendy believes in paying it forward. Her passion and desire for empowering women began with her passion and dedication for empowering children.  She is a former elementary school teacher, drug prevention counselor for New York Public Schools and a graduate of City College of New York.  Her background inspired her to create a non-profit organization called Minds In Motion Inc, which helps disadvantage children in foster care.  Through fundraising efforts MIM, has given over $10,000 in financial support, provided educational supplies and created after-school reading program for disadvantaged children and those in foster care while partnering with Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Nike, and Walmart.

She is actively involved with women who are survivors of domestic violence through her work with Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV), teenage mothers with their children (The House of Dawn), and homeless young ladies in the state of Georgia (The Covenant House of Georgia).

Wendy's substantial philanthropic work garnered her an award from the state of Georgia's Department of Human Services (DHS) while her numerous charitable partners include Angel Tree Ministries, the Gwinnett County Children's Center, and Sheltering Arms Children's Center.

Wendy is a proud mom to two teenage boys, and a sassy and supportive wife of 20 years.  Her life's mission is to revive and restore the inner strength and divine spirit of women and children.  She calls it "Spreading The Love."