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Pam Lasier

Fitness, Business, Life Coach

Pam and Morgan

Are you aware?

  • Companies with engaged people grow profits as much as three times faster.

  • Engaged, happy employees outperform others by up to 202%.

  • Happy workers are three times more creative and innovative. Engaged, happy employees show up more and stay twice as long in their jobs.

We engage teams. 

Through innovative yet tangible activities and strategies, teams become more connected, excited and focused on what matters. We explore perceptions, personal power and standing out with purpose. 

We work with women and men with ambitious goals.

C-Level & Board Members • Departmental Teams • Affinity Groups


 Morgan Wider

Personal Style Expert

Our Services


Is your personal style and the way you spend your days a reflection of the life you want to be living?
This multi-day luxury retreat is about finding your authentic self.  This isn’t about changing. It’s about growing into your life.  

  • Imagine…leisurely days with inspiring conversations…

  • Shopping excursions…

  • Fitness, meditation, delicious and healthy cuisine…

  • Luxurious accommodations…spa treatments…champagne and daily “wine downs…”

  • We’ll show you how to indulge in moderation and have the time of your life!

We'd love to chat with you about our Journey details and answer any questions you may have.

SHOWING UP                        AND STANDING OUT

In work, in life, and in style it’s time to Be BOLD!       
Kick excuses to the door and reclaim your personal power.
Integrate a confident attitude, personal style and self-care into your professional life.

90-minute seminar

Inquire about booking a seminar.  404.786.2928







"The Thrive In Style Program presented by Pam Lasier and Morgan Wider was a fantastic event.  It was packed full of valuable information that in less than 24 hours has triggered me to make some changes in my life."  ~ Kafi L. WIT, Women In Technology

"Great session, enjoyed the laid back environment.  I think it created a space where people could be themselves as women and ask questions and laugh together.  Morgan and Pam were both great and you could tell they work well together and are passionate about their disciplines.  Really enjoyed it!" ~ Brigitte S., State Farm

"Great session! Definitely check out these fabulous ladies and what they do." ~ Rachel Bagnell, State Farm