What becomes possible when people thrive at work?

Imagine your teams:

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  • Reaching higher levels of engagement  
  • Increasing collaboration, reducing silos
  • Growing better leaders
  • Improving team performance  
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent  
  • Creating more wellbeing, reducing stress                    

We help individuals, teams, and organizations put thriving habits to work in the following areas:

Connect to "Why"

Create alignment around what matters to everyone.


In this session, spend time with your team discovering signature strengths through stories, connecting to passion, what matters most and dreams. When individual, team and organization “why” become clear, people create greater meaning and ownership in their everyday work together. This experience helps people feel empowered, inspired, confident, re-energized, focused and more deeply connected with the people they work with.


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Plan Together

Co-create your shared future.

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Our process for team planning, strategic planning and culture planning is called The Agile Canvas. It is a simple and powerful way to organize anything. It is organized in four conversations: Dreaming possibilities, clarifying questions, engaging gifts and getting it done. Teams experience the Agile Canvas in work sessions, retreats, and long-term planning processes. Working with the Canvas helps people feel aligned, focused, realistic, resilient, collaborative, empowered and excited about their future.


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Work Together

Collaborate in new ways to make the most of your time

Thriving teams work smarter. We work with teams to break down barriers of structure and silos so people feel free to do their best work together. We help teams get effective and efficient, reducing email and unnecessary meetings. Teams collaborate by agreement instead of assumption and to use social technology to grow trust, transparency and autonomy.


Discover and realize your shared potential

We help people grow communities of learning in their work, teaching teams how to learn from their questions toward the future they most want to see possible. We work with teams to design and create learning experiences for individuals, teams and organizations boosting creativity and innovation. From on-boarding to performance reviews growing habits of learning helps people work from a growth mindset, own their learning and reduce burnout.



Drawing from the latest global research and our groundbreaking innovations, we deliver uniquely and sustainably designed work sessions, retreats, programs and processes. Our delivery methods include direct facilitation, train the trainer and self-directed habit development kits.

We work with any scale group and organization, in brief and multi-year engagements. Projects commonly begin with culture roadmaps produced by Thrive Mapping the 82 habits of thriving team culture in the areas of belonging, purpose, learning, courage and energy.

We believe your teams already have what it takes to grow a thriving team culture

  • Whether you have a start-up team
  • A good team striving to be great
  • A struggling or stuck team
  • A team you want to reboot

Our methods are creative, proven and powerful.

Let's get started.

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