In short, there's simply nothing like it.

We created Thrive Journeys to help you experience wellness travel at it's best. 

We want YOU focusing on YOU and enjoying every minute of your journey experience. 

We listen and then we do the work...

Collectively, we will tailor a Journey specifically to you and your people. We zoom out and look at the "Big Picture" - what your ideal Journey would be like - where you imagine it would be, how many days you want to be there, and which people you'd like to bring on this journey.  

From there we build the Journey foundation. By understanding your expectations, we can better stay on the same page while planning.  If it's within our power, we'll make it happen!

We take care of all the details from handpicked accommodations and authentic cuisine to the wellness experiences and professionals by your side throughout your journey.  We design Journeys with a perfect balance of sightseeing and exploring with plenty of times for adventure, fitness, personal development, quiet reflection, pampering, rest AND renewal. 

We seamlessly weave wellness into your every day. 

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Whether you already follow a wellness regime or you'd like to get a "little or whole lot healthier" our journeys are always about showing people how satisfying and life-changing wellness travel truly is. 

Our experienced guides work to give you meaningful wellness experiences. We'll help you stay in shape or kick start a wellness routine while on your Journey. When you return home, you've not only had the time of your life, you look great and feel great too!

We search near and afar for remarkable destinations.


We journey to bustling cities, tucked-away towns, quaint villages, and off-the-beaten-path locations to find opportunities for adventure. We also love exploring right in our own backyard!  From coast to coast, we visit exceptional destinations and find hidden gems of stunning natural beauty and diverse cultures - gently encouraging people to think outside the box and develop new mindsets.

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"We offer ongoing support...

Change, even the most positive change is hard to sustain. We give you the tools you need to achieve your goals and the conviction that the unachievable is within your grasp. 

We know all too well in the midst of an event, it seems easy to apply all the brilliant insights you're garnering to your life at home. Then you return and immediately get caught up in "real life" and forget about your resolution to make time for you. 

That's why, in all of our Journeys, we offer inspiring wellness programs to ignite the desire to make beautiful, positive changes in your life. We build and foster open and honest relationships with all of our clients and our Journey Onward program is our option for Ongoing Support. 


Journey Onward

Through sustained support, you can take everything you've learned while Journeying and incorporate it, bit by bit, into your everyday life, nutrition changes that give you more energy, a fitness program you're excited to tackle every day, methods for handling stress and ways to keep the adventurous spirit in your daily life.  


  • Individual or group coaching
  • Office study programs
  • Podcasts
  • Conference Call Series
  • Support can be provided by our Thrive Wellness Team or outsourced to any of our "GUEST HOSTS."
  • Journey Onward is an optional program with additional fees for services.

It's time to experience something different.