Maybe it's a Journey located in a picturesque backdrop at the most unique and luxurious of properties or imagine sleeping under the stars surrounded by stunning natural settings...envision your days filled with discovery, wellbeing, adventure and relaxation...a Journey that fulfills your every whim and will surely suit the most discerning of clients. 

The "Big Event"

Perhaps you always imagined taking  your executive team or top clients to the "Big Event" -  Super Bowl, The Masters, or Oktoberfest...picture your tickets in hand with itineraries specifically designed around the event of your choice.


Perchance you're business is attuned to more adventure...exploring by foot, by cycle, on horseback, in a boat...dream up your next big adventure and we'll jump on board.. imagine an experience never to be forgotten!  


In addition to our full length customized journeys we offer a way to spend a single day getting a little taste of everything Thrive has to offer your best lived life.


We plan each of our Journeys and Jaunts around a central theme. If you have a specific focus you are interested in, that's great! If not, take a look at a sampling of our ideas below. When it comes time to plan your Journey we'll choose a theme or a combination that works just for you!

  • Resiliency

  • Stress

  • Optimism

  • Strengths

  • Confidence

  • Wellbeing

  • Healthy Habits

  • Life Balance

  • Renew & Recharge

  • Joy

  • Purpose

  • Passion

  • Inspiration

  • Motivation

  • Courage

Not sure where you'd like to Journey?

No worries!  We're crafting some great corporate journeys with some details still TBD...but feel free to take a peek...


Can you make time for just one day - one day to recharge -  to breathe deeply - to carve out some time to simply BE?  With a "Jaunt" even our busiest clients can Thrive!

Europe and Asia


While we're working on firm dates and hand-crafted itineraries, we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas about Journeys and Jaunts you'd love to take.