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The 2,180 mile long Appalachian Trail (AT) has hundreds of access points between Springer Mountain, Georgia and Mt. Katahdin Maine. It's almost out your back door!  The point is - we really want you to experience at least one section of the AT in your lifetime!  Come on!  You can do that!


  • Home of the southern terminus of the AT
  • Rugged wilderness hiking with extravagant wildflower blooms
  • What can we say?  We live here!
  • 76.4 miles of trail
Black Bear Cub

Black Bear Cub

North Carolina

  • Panoramic views and lots of them!  
  • Making this section of the trail a must see
  • 95.5 miles of trail


  • Hike over Roan Mountain, home to the world's largest natural rhododendron gardens 
  • Panoramic views on grassy balds and 70 miles of hiking in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
  • One of Pam's favorites!
  • 287.9 miles of trail


  • 1/4 of the Appalachian Trail lies in Virginia, elevation changes from easy to moderate to strenuous.  
  • Encounter wild ponies along the trail, hike amid unusual rock formations, and enjoy the majesty of the Shenandoah Mountains. 
  • Another of Pam's favorites!
  • 226 miles of trail
Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker

West Virginia

  • Trail passes through historic and scenic Harpers Ferry and easy access to Washington DC.
  • 4 miles of trail


  • Great for 2 or 3-day trips with many pretty views 
  • Easy access from DC if you're meeting friends flying from different places.
  • 40 miles of trail


  • Where thru-hikers are given a commemorative wooden spoon if they can eat a 1/2- gallon of ice cream in one sitting! Mostly walking on ridges with relatively small elevation changes.
  • 229 miles of trail

New Jersey

  • Home to the beautiful glacial Sunfish pond and noted for having the highest density of bears on the trail
  • Elevation changes are for the most part moderate.
  • 72 miles of trail

New York



  • Where the trail actually passes through the Trailside Museum and Zoo at Bear Mountain
  • The elevation drops to its lowest at 124 feet and generally moderate elevation changes throughout the state.
  • 88 miles of trail


  • Hiking is mostly moderate skirting along the banks of rivers with particularly scenic sections of trail.
  • 53 miles of trail


  • Long, flat sections with wooded hills and valleys.
  • The trail passes through several small New England towns.
  • 90 miles of trail


  • High rugged country, forests of paper birch, white pines, and farm valleys.  
  • Coincides with the Long Trail running from Massachusetts to Canada.  
  • Signs of moose everywhere.  
  • A fair amount of elevation gain and loss.
  • 150 miles of trail

New Hampshire



  • Beautiful, rugged White Mountains, steep ascents and descents, above timberline with snow in every season.  
  • A series of unique style huts offering comfortable lodging and delicious, hearty meals. 
  • A must see!
  • 161 miles of trail


  • Home of the 100-mile wilderness, river fords, and the northern terminus - Mt. Katahdin. Moose and loons are common sights.
  • Generally considered the most difficult hiking of the 14 states.
  • A must see!
  • 281 miles of trail

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