1. Hunted for Easter eggs on the White House lawn
  2. Took 4 years of Shinkendo training 
  3. Was born in England.
  4. Was in the Air Force.
  5. Had breakfast with Deepak Chopra.
  6. Was a professional musician playing the organ at the age of 6.

(1)Richard (2)Michael (3)Tanya (4)MaShelle (5)Daniel (6) Wendy      

  1. Has visited the New Zealand Lord of the Rings movie set
  2. Sang for the Pope
  3. Has owned 2 motorcycles.
  4. Held a previous Guinness Book of World Records for continuous hours on a teeter totter
  5. Has ran almost exclusively barefoot for 17 years
  6. Has a HUGE fear of sharks yet dreams to cage dive with a great white shark
  7. Had brain surgery.

(1)Michael  (2)Richard  (3)Tanya  (4)Craig  (5)Zac  (6)Jason (7)  Roger

  1. Buddy Guy stood on my picnic blanket, played his guitar and sang the blues.
  2. Sang and played in a band in high school.
  3. Enjoys making chainsaw art while listening to Sarah McLachlan.
  4. With the exception of rice, always eats leftovers cold.
  5. Can start a fire without matches.
  6. Played golf in Ireland, Scotland and England.
  7. Lived in Asia.

(1)Janet   (2)Jill  (3) Zac  (4)Jason  (5)Pam  (6) Bob  (7) MaShelle

  1. Always wanted to own a clothing boutique.
  2. Completed Army basic training.
  3. Worked for a ballet company.
  4. Wants to learn to ride a motorcycle.
  5. Plays the guitar.
  6. Is a US Naval Veteran
  7. Lived in NYC and worked for the Disney Channel.
  8. Played professional soccer

(1)Jill  (2) Sharita  (3)Janet  (4) Lisa (5)  Autumn (6) Roger (7) Kelley (8) James

  1. Always wears socks.
  2. Collector of stones, books and spiritual tools to evolve oneself.
  3. Plays classical piano
  4. Completed the Chicago 26 mile marathon
  5. Enjoys cooking for his family.
  6. Lived in Mexico City.
  7. Was asked to model for the French Designer Lavin.
  8. Was part of the opening and closing Olympic ceremonies in 1996.
  9. Visited Anne Frank's home and the Van Gogh Museum 3 times.

(1)Bob (2) GiGi (3) Lisa  (4) Sharita   (5) Daniel (6) Autumn (7) Wendy (8) Kelley (9) James