January 9 - March 26

Like our Facebook page daily and watch for the surprise challenges that will be posted for extra points!

How it works…

  • You may enter the challenge at any point and must be listed on the roster to participate.
  • Each week, download the current Challenge Tally Sheet (below or pick one up at the studio).
  • Several new items will be added to the Tally Sheet each week.  
  • Current prices for fitness classes, packages, and membership apply to the challenge.  

Tally Sheets

  • Keep track of your points Monday – Sunday of each week.
  • Email your Challenge Tally Sheet to info@ThriveBeyondFitness.com or bring it to the studio by Tuesday of each week. 
  • Points will be tallied for weekly drawings and monthly prizes.


  • To be eligible for the weekly drawings you must complete at least three challenges daily.
  • To be eligible for the monthly drawing, you must complete at least four challenges daily for 20 days.
  • Weekly drawings for prizes will be on Wednesday of each week.
  • Monthly prizes will be awarded to the highest point winner each month.


We'll mix it up, keep you motivated and delight you with surprises. You'll set your goals - then ask us to gently nudge or really push. Then sign up for classes, packages or memberships - whatever works best for you.