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A performance expert, CEO, motivational speaker and author, Steve has a passion for sharing his "Success Secrets" with audiences all over the country. He inspires people to embrace excellence and create unbelievable success in their personal and professional lives.  It's only natural that he inspires our Thrive team and clients as well.  

Steve runs multi-million dollar companies, has flown with the Navy Blue Angles flight team, been interviewed on Good Morning America, spoken alongside television media personalities...the list could go on and on.  

As a companion to his inspirational speaking engagements and a way to further move his audiences forward in their own life, Steve created his company called “The Amazing Factor” and published a book called “Who’s in Charge Of Yours?"

But what truly motivates Steve is showing audiences how easy it is for them to capture some of this amazing success! He has also developed the BAM (Blue Angle Mindset) program along with friend/business partner/Blue Angel Pilot "Yogi," to instill a mindset of Performance Excellence within the audiences they work in.  Their entertaining personal stories encapsulate their audiences so when the stories are done and the "learning point" is given to them they have a huge "I get it" moment. They even learn how the Blue's prepare for an air show (it's unbelievable how it's done). Check out the really cool video and see the Blue Angels in action as you...  Read more about BAM here.

If you are interested in booking Steve you can reach him personally at 864.710.6993 and