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We bring together top executive teams who are responsible for driving necessary change.

For full transformation to take place you often need additional strategies. Journeys inspire change.

Your Team …

  • Wants to get the most out of their career AND personal lives.

  • Has a desire to connect for richer collaborations and quality professional development.

  • Wants to be ready to return to business with a change-ready mindset.

  • Needs to leave refreshed and revitalized in order to inspire change.

Our Team…

  • I am the founder of Thrive Journeys. I have hand-picked an incredible team of very qualified • over-the-top • attention-to detail • adventure-seeking individuals who value integrity and care deeply about the people they work with.

  • Has the tools and processes that can help…no matter what kind of change or upgrade your organization wants to make.


We start with a work session to confirm your destination, participants, timelines, big picture goals, and success metrics.  

From there we build the Journey foundation. By understanding your expectations, we can better stay on the same page while planning.  We can facilitate the entire Journey, or you may wish to organize private meetings in lieu or in combination with several of our professional development programs.

We take care of all the details from handpicked accommodations and authentic cuisine to the wellness experiences and professionals by your side throughout your journey.  We design Journeys with a perfect balance of professional development with plenty of times for adventure, fitness, personal development, quiet reflection, pampering, rest AND renewal. 

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Wellness is essential to all corporate culture

  • Your leadership team is your greatest asset and yet executives are infamous for working long hours, leaving little time for their own health and wellness.

  • It's an opportunity for your team to relax, de-stress and recharge their enthusiasm, ready to return to business with a fresh perspective.

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Businesses are ten times more likely to succeed in successfully maintaining and creating the positive changes they truly desire when they have sustained support.

  • Tell me what changes you're striving to make in your business and I’ll help you get there through the JOURNEY ONWARD program.


  • Individual or group coaching

  • Office study programs

  • Podcasts

  • Conference Call Series

Experience Change with a Corporate Journey.