About Us

We’re here to help people love their work.

We’re a team with integrated knowledge and practice in organization development, leadership, strategy, structure, planning, learning, positive psychology, and community building. We care deeply about the people we work with and thrive in their success. We work with all kinds and sizes of teams in corporate, non-profit, civic and academic sectors. Our clients love our engaging and friendly style, depth and breadth of competence, and the partnership approach to our work together.

The Thrive At Work Team


I believe in doing the thing you think you cannot do.

My passion is inspiring others to achieve true happiness and well being by fostering the spirit of adventure within them. With 23 years as an experienced educator, life coach, public speaker, seasoned adventurist, and laughter yoga leader, I am devoted to complete wellness, inside and out. Empowering others through a unique (more...)


I believe in the courage and conviction to try.

I help people make powerful and enduring changes to their lifestyles in addition to pushing their physical limits. I have long focused on the connection between mind, body and spirit to motivate people to  celebrate a life of wellness and do more than they ever thought possible.  Utilizing my knowledge on body mechanics, nutrition, and exercise, I (more...)


I believe in paying it forward.

I am fiercely loyal and intensely dedicated to empowering people to be their best. As a former elementary school teacher, drug prevention counselor for New York Public Schools and a graduate of City College of New York, I have been actively involved in creating and supporting  non-profit organizations helping disadvantaged children and women.  My life's mission to (more...)


I have spent over a decade devoting my time, knowledge, and energy into saving lives and preventing stress related illnesses. In 2010, I hit my own health challenges and realized that I needed to actually walk the walk. 

A total lifestyle makeover healed me from a 9cm cyst, stomach conditions, and adrenal fatigue.  Understanding the challenges of being (more...)


I believe in unlocking our potential through neuroscience and positive psychology.
I found happiness early in life by giving up my pursuit of financial wealth.  From a former workaholic to author and happiness coach, I help people holistically understand happiness and pass along what I've learned so no one else will fall into the same pitfalls as I did.

After graduating from college a semester early and diving (more...)


I believe in fighting for optimum health.
 As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I not only promote a healthy lifestyle I maintain one as well. Through fitness training and proper nutrition, I inspire and motivate people to implement positive health habits that are life changing.  With my (more...)