Imagine spending a day immersed in nature.

How many times are you distracted on an average day? The answer is probably more than you think.

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"Can't see the forest through the trees."

Sometimes what we need most is right in front of our eyes, yet it's so hard to see. The beauty of breaking out of your daily routines and spending a day immersed in nature, is that you begin to "see the forest."  In other words being in nature puts things in place.  

It's time to... 

  • Shift your perspective.
  • Raise your level of awareness.
  • Awaken your sense of curiosity.
  • Gather insights into your true nature.
  • Challenge what you think you can and cannot do.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what your unique gift/passion is to the world.

Sample Activities

  • Innovative wellness, fitness and nature-based activities
  • Thought-provoking discussions
  • Spirited competitions
  • Undisturbed time for solitude 

You'll learn from the ancient skills and teaching methods of native/nature-based cultures to provide a way of connecting with your true nature.  Our activities throughout the day are designed not only to question and challenge your thoughts and behaviors but also to instigate and inspire change.

Jaunt Details

  • Limited to 20 guests
  • 9:30a - 3:30p
  • Explore the natural beauty and panoramic vistas of Sweetwater Creek State Park only minutes from downtown Atlanta. 
  • Welcome & Closing Ceremonies
  • Fitness and wellness activities; content and materials with onsite wellness experts
  • Box lunch and snacks
  • Inspiring wellness activities all centered on you, your health and a day in nature!
  • Co-design and "Make it YOUR Way" with optional upgrades

What is extra?

  • Post Journey Wellness Support
  • Transportation to and from Sweetwater State Park, personal keepsakes

Let's talk.

We're here to answer any questions you may have and to sign you up for this incredible Jaunt. Click on the button below to schedule a call to talk.