We are proud to announce  the launching of a new program...


Not only is Lion's Heart a revolutionary whole health system providing tools for a fit mind, body, and spirit; the program was developed by our very own Zac Potter - personal trainer, fitness and yoga instructor! What's more, Thrive Beyond Fitness is the first Lion's Heart Satellite in the Atlanta area!

The program challenges everyone to live life purposefully, engage the mind actively, and energize the body to its fullest potential - a perfect balance between mind, body and spirit.

The Lion's Heart Program includes but is not limited to the following:

The Lion's Legend™                                                                                                                                                          

A tiered, progressive fitness matrix that measures where clients rank physically within four areas of physical health.

  • Yoga (balance, flexibility, body awareness)
  • Gymnastics (bodyweight strength, core)
  • Bar (agility, strength training)
  • Track & field (locomotion patterns, endurance, gait patterns)

Lion's Heart Core Workouts

  • Workouts designed for clients to improve in each of the above categories

Lion's Legend Fitness Tests

  • Clients can climb the Ladder of Fitness™ and progress through each milestone.

Workshops and Retreats

  • By challenging different areas of mind, body and spirit each month, clients have the opportunity to become the brightest, strongest, most virtuous versions of themselves.  
"July's Lion's Heart workshop was an enjoyable and enlightening evening for me. I had fun getting to meet new people, learning more about each other and laughing all night long. I look forward to the next Lion's Heart evening."  
Kelly L.
"The Lion's Heart meeting on Friday night was really good. It was nice getting to know everyone better than just a passing hello. Zac did a great job planning and orchestrating the meeting."
Bob F.


Lion's Fitness

  • Monday's 8 am
  • A Lion's Fitness class uses elements from yoga, gymnastics, bar/strength training, and track & field to help build a more balanced, healthy and strong body

Lion's Flow

  • Monday's 9 am
  • A Lion's Flow class is a vinyasa flow style of yoga where we focus on balance, awareness of body and breath, twists, folds, core strength and mild inversions. Clients learn proper form and key techniques to help climb the Ladder of Fitness and improve overall yoga practice.

Watch for more days and times to be added to the schedule.