Group Lean  - January 30 - March 26

Choose YOU in 2017 and join us for a group nutrition challenge!  

          Nutritionist, Jill Gregory

          Nutritionist, Jill Gregory

In our 8-week Group Lean, Nutritionist Jill Gregory will guide us through 1 week of healthy detoxification, followed by 7 weeks of nutrition and fitness guidance.

You will:

  • Reprogram your metabolism with the foods you love to eat.
  • Receive easy to follow recipes, meal plans and meal prep ideas.
  • Have online and in person access to Group Coaching and Accountability Sessions
  • Increase energy, improve sleep, reduce cravings, lose body fat and develop lean muscle.
  • Evolve your food and fitness plan into a new way of life for you AND your family.

Our program is based on the science of blood sugar stabilization that has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds and inches while understanding how to permanently keep it off.

No more excuses!  It's time to make your nutrition a priority.  Make the change and live with a healthier purpose.

Register by January 26th by calling our studio at 404.973.0074.

Program cost will be announced on January 27 based on number of participants enrolled.  Payment will be collected on the 27th.

  • $150 pp:  2-10 participants                                                                                                                                              

  •  $100 pp:  11-20 participants

  • $  50 pp:  21+ participants

Clear Your Mind Of Can't - This is YOUR Life!