What to expect...

Your team will be re-energized, bonds will be strengthened and positive outcomes you hadn't even anticipated will be achievable.

Corporate Journeys span a minimum of three days.

  • For businesses to move from their current level to their next level of performance, teams need to be engaged and feel connected. That takes concentrated, collaborated time without distractions and interruptions.

Corporate Journeys set a new standard.

  • Impeccable service, warm and welcoming spaces, excursions, and adventures ARE the standard.

  • Destinations are beautiful, local and remote locales, easily reachable from most major cities and airports.

  • Itineraries are handcrafted to combine time for professional development, inspiring activities, exploration, rest and renewal.

  • The beauty of a Corporate Journey
    is that you will be surprised at how seamlessly wellness is weaved into all aspects of your day.


Typically, each day begins with "Wake Up Your Way!" Rejuvenate by sleeping in or recharge with sunrise walks, yoga, meditations or invigorating workouts - followed by inspiring  conversations and activities centered on the professional development and wellness focus of the Journey.

Learn from hands-on-cooking demonstrations how to eat healthy and still experience exceptional cuisines and fine wines. You’ll be gently nudged or truly pushed in a way that feels comfortable for you.

**Morning is the optimal time for private meetings and agendas.  


Experience new adventures and landscapes every day!  Travel to fascinating locations for one of a kind  excursions, explore local culture and find treasured keepsakes. 

Rejuvenate with exquisitely relaxing spa experiences, take naps, read, reflect - afternoons are perfectly balanced to enjoy a combination of adventure, rest and renewal time.


Indulge in the luxuries of the properties as much as possible. Appreciate breathtaking scenery certain to inspire and amaze. Meaningful conversations and laughter go hand in hand over dinner and beautiful sunsets. Depending upon the planned Journey, guests can enjoy select lunches and dinners on their own and optional fireside "Wine Downs."  

Expect some great shuteye every night! 

Integrate wellness with work goals. 

It's an opportunity to  de-stress and recharge your enthusiasm and return to work with a fresh perspective.