Customized Corporate Journeys                                       

  • We start with a work session to confirm your big picture goals, timelines, participation, success metrics, communication and identify the core team to guide the process.

  • I can facilitate the entire Corporate Journey, customizing activities that build the team not only on the business level but the human level as well.

  • Or you may wish to organize private meetings or professional development in lieu of or in combination with our leadership programs. Then we’ll focus on great team culture and group dynamics from a wellness viewpoint.

Wellness is essential to all corporate culture

  • Your leadership team is your greatest asset and yet executives are infamous for working long hours, leaving little time for their own health and wellness.

  • It's an opportunity for your team to relax, de-stress and recharge their enthusiasm, ready to return to business with a fresh perspective.

Adventure is incorporated into every journey

  • When people step out of their comfort zones, it forces them to think outside the box and realize responsibilities and perceptions of other team members.

  • Adventure challenges employees to collaborate; hidden talents are exposed and new potentials are unlocked.

  • Relationships are strengthened, strong-knit teams are created and new mindsets are adopted.

Ongoing support is invaluable

  • Businesses are ten times more likely to succeed in successfully maintaining and creating the positive changes they truly desire when they have sustained support.

  • Tell me what changes you're striving to make in your business and I’ll help you get there through the JOURNEY ONWARD program.

*Journey Onward is an optional program with additional fees for services.


  • Individual or group coaching

  • Office study programs

  • Podcasts

  • Conference Call Series

Experience Change with a Corporate Journey.