Up Close and Personal

  • In 3 words I am courageous, loyal and competitive.
  • I believe in finishing what you start.
  • I am determined.
  • Getting up early, reading the paper, working out, spending time outside, indulging in a great dessert and finishing the day with a nice cold drink is a Saturday well spent.
  • Choice color:  Undeniably red
  • I love being stress free in the wilderness.
  • Sunrise over sunset.
  • Must read: "Good To Great: ~ Jim Collins
  • Favorite quote:  "No Guts, No Glory"

An arborist by trade, Craig is trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees. His focus on the health and well-being of plants and trees transcends to both animals and people alike.  

Confident, energetic and passionate, Craig looks for opportunities to be a positive force at Thrive, jumping in when needed with new ideas and projects.  As a cancer survivor with a dynamic, positive attitude towards life, Craig is a powerful motivator.