A Corporate Mind Body Series

Confidence • Wellbeing • Resiliency

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I help audiences invite change and take action.

I draw from my own real-life journeys as an educator, life coach, fitness trainer and wellness consultant. Using my personal stories as a springboard...I connect my audience with a simple truth:
We will all be forced to live on the edge at one time or another.,  
How we react or do not react is simply a choice.

We connect, learn and stretch our bodies!

Believe in your ability to rise to any challenge.

Who's taking care of you?  It's time to renew, recharge and reinvent!

Become more optimistic, more motivated and more determined.




Stretch It Out!

Loosen stiff joints and unravel tight muscles. We'll move through all of  the major muscle groups, freeing tension and leaving your full of energy!

How it works:

The three topics (confidence, wellbeing, and resiliency) can be scheduled as a seminar or a workshop. Stretching sessions can be scheduled independently, or in combination with a seminar or workshop in cost-saving packages. 


  • 1-hour 
  • Audiences will learn with limited participation and Q&A.


  • 1/2 day with breakout sessions and roundtable discussions.
  • Audiences will walk away with an action plan to achieve results.


  • 1-hour session Appropriate clothing suggested for stretching while standing and on the floor.
  • Stretching sessions are also offered once weekly in monthly packages.

Inquire about fees and booking.

  • Pam@thriveJourneys.com   
  • 404.786.2928

If you would like to dive deeper into one of the topics, we can customize a three day Journey for your group.

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