"Working Well" 

We facilitate highly interactive conversations and activities centered on the professional development and wellness focus of the Journey.  Teams often work in small and large groups and come away with applicable deliverables that focus on the intentions of the session.  

Working with Why

In this session, teams connect to their “why”: strengths and passions, what matters most and dreams both as individuals and as a team. When teams work from a clear, compelling why they tap into their internal motivation to do work that matters. They act proactively with focus and courage, take more initiative, become more resilient and get inspired by new challenges.  

The Agile Culture Canvas

To grow a thriving culture, you need the right plan. We use a simple, powerful model called the Agile Canvas for Strategic Planning. Thriving organizations know that being strategic must be ongoing, rather than occasionally. As uncertainty becomes the norm for all of us at work, our planning must stay agile, realistic and meaningful, not just a binder on someone’s shelf.

Team Agreements

We teach teams to work together from mutual agreements rather than assumptions. Working by agreement boosts trust and limits tensions. When trust is high, people show up with strengths, creativity and genuine care for each other. In this work session, teams learn how to craft, test and engage agreements around how they communicate, organize and act from their shared values.


"Living Well" 

Our inspiring and engaging “Living Well” conversations and activities revolve around nutrition, fitness, adventure, and self-awareness. Be ready to shake things up, step out of your comfort zone, and have the time of your life!

Shake It Up!

It’s time to clear the clutter, create change and get organized! From meditation, to laughter yoga to hatchet throwing you’ll learn how to integrate work, play, family and you into a vibrant life.  Design an organizational plan and learn simple and effective ways to relieve stress!  

A Call To Adventure

Perhaps you’ve heard an echoing deep within you that is calling for change. Identify your strengths, and take on your essential power. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and rekindle your adventurous side!


Ready Set Thrive!

What becomes possible when a team thrives at work and play? It’s time to address Your lifestyle choices.  Experience a simple yet powerful way to leave distractions Behind and reconnect to what matters in your life.  Raise your level of awareness and sense of curiosity. Challenge what you think you can and cannot do.