Bob Barnes

You don't know Bob.  But you know his work.

The odds are high you've seen at least one of the events he has helped promote or organize over the years:  the Super Bowl, two Summer and one Winter Olympic games, the NCAA Final Four, and the Master's Golf tournament. Being a part of events like these has made him an expert at navigating the ins and outs of professional sports.

As founder of EventsXL, Bob believes that sports are something much more important than great spectacles and bitter rivalries - though those are pretty good reasons to be involved.  Sports, above all else, have the ability to inspire dreams and give them life.  Attending major sporting events is more than the game is about the overall experience and saying...I was there!  

Today Bob leads his expertise to Thrive not only as a business advisor but also by crafting and organizing our Sports and Wellness Retreats. He makes sure everything in your experience from the accommodations to the event itself, is a great blend of adventure, relaxation and reflection.  

Want to talk to Bob?  You can contact him directly at 678.472.2300.