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Pam Lasier’s BIO

A sought-after keynote speaker and expert on wellness, grit, resilience, and change-readiness, Pam draws on her adventures and real-life experiences from hiking the 2,189.2 mile Appalachian Trail and running 26.2 mile marathons, to jumping out of her burning home and having her life savings embezzled by a friend; Pam has mastered resilience and is a true believer in positive change.

She is known for her informative, laugh-out-loud and sometimes “cry-out-loud” presentations featuring powerful anecdotes, useable tools, and actionable takeaways to drive necessary change. Audiences are inspired by entrepreneur, author, and executive coach Pam Lasier. She helps make change stick, now and for the long-term. Based on real strategies used by Fortune 500’s, her content is fresh, positive and essential.     

Pam is the author of the upcoming book, Don’t Forget Your Gypsy Toes: Creating a Mindset to Succeed in Work, Play, and Life


What makes Pam stand out?

She has the winning combination of humility, courage, and enthusiasm. She thrives on adventure!

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Keynotes and Programs

Individual and Group Coaching

Retreats and Wellness Inspired Journeys