Something for everyone.

Prerequisite:  Have an inquisitive mind, an open heart, and an adventurous spirit.


Haven't exercised in 20 years?

No worries, we'll take it slow; you don't have to be an athlete to participate. To truly enjoy your experience we would encourage you to literally "take a step" towards some type of daily exercise. 

Workout on a regular basis and looking for a challenge?

We can provide that as well.  Give us a call and we can talk about what feels right for you.  404.786.2928


** Obviously the vigorous and strenuous hikes are meant for experienced and fit hikers and bikers who participate in a regular exercise program beginning at least three months prior to departure.

(1) Easy:  Want to get off the couch, but don't know where to begin?  You've found the place.

  • Duration:  1-3 hours
  • Distance: Hike less than 3 miles, bike less than 10 miles
  • Terrain:  Flat
  • Elevation: Little to no elevation change.

(2) Easy Plus:  Very manageable for trying your first trip if you are in relatively good shape, walk a couple of times a week, but really don't work out.  

  • Duration:  2-5 hours
  • Distance:  Hike 4-6 miles, bike 10-30 miles, all very manageable 
  • Terrain:  Gentle slopes, no steep climbs
  • Elevation:  Gain or loss up to 1,000 foot a day

(3) Moderate:  Designed for outdoor novices and above who are in relatively good shape.

  • Duration:  4-6 hours

  • Distance:  Hike up to 10 miles, bike 20-40 miles

  • Terrain:  Rolling, with some steep sections 

  • Elevation:  Gain or loss up to 2,000 foot a day

(4) Vigorous:  Recommended for those who like a good workout each day.

  • Duration:  5-8 hours
  • Distance:  Hike up to 12 miles, bike 30-50 miles
  • Terrain:  Steep ascents/descents 
  • Elevation:  Gain or loss up to 3,000 foot a day

(5) Strenuous:  For those who are very fit and want a challenge. 

  • Duration:  10+ hours

  • Distance: Hike 12 or more miles, bike 50 or more miles

  • Terrain:  Exposed terrain with steep ascents/descents

  • Elevation:  Gain or loss up to 4,000 foot a day

Rekindle your adventurous side.  404.786.2928