She inspires.

She motivates.

She challenges.


Clients hire Pam because she delivers:

  • Energy and Excitement

  • Inspiration and new ideas

  • Return on Investment

  • Change that Sticks

She helps audiences invite change and take action.

Here are more essential reasons why clients hire Pam…

1. Audiences are engaged from start to finish.

Pam captivates and commands attention with compelling stories of courage, humor, and pure grit, illustrating how she turned unexpected journeys into a source of power. Her audiences laugh out loud, interact, and experience thought-provoking, game-changing, a-ha moments. They WANT to listen.

2. She’s not a run-of-the-mill wellness speaker.

Your audience will be motivated, inspired and galvanized into action with real strategies used by Fortune 500’s; her content is fresh, positive and essential. Pam helps you shift focus, innovate, and stay on top of the industry - at all times.

3. She knows what she’s talking about.

Pam shares a wealth of knowledge that is relevant and real. Your audience will be inspired by entrepreneur, author, and business coach, Pam Lasier who not only has expertise but a host of life experiences that required both learning from failure and being responsive to change.

4. Pam helps make change stick: now and for the long-term.

Your audience will become change-ready with Pam’s no-nonsense practical tools - because they work- because they make sense - because they stick.

5.  She’s not a diva of the platform.

Pam is passionate, dependable and grateful to work with you. You will have absolutely everything you need before you ask for it: headshots, bios, etc. She also travels anywhere!

6. Forget “one size fits all.” Pam custom tailors content to you.

In reality, a canned, one-size-fits-all speech really fits no one.  That’s why Pam will research and understand the specific goals and challenges of your industry and your audience. Your audience, will receive meaningful and one-of-a-kind programming that can’t be delivered anywhere else.

7. New challenges require new solutions.

Stop focusing on one generation. Become the master of 5. Your audience will take away tools and tactics for helping all 5 working generations both understand and embrace change. Pam has a proven track record of engaging employees of all ages from your incoming Gen Z’s to your future retirees.

8. Forget data divas. Get ready for a master storyteller.

Pam has leapt from her burning house, had a good friend embezzle her life savings, and hiked the entire Appalachian Trail.  She’s bursting with provoking, purposeful, and powerful stories. Audiences leave enlightened and inspired to create positive changes in work and in life.

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Individual and Group Coaching

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